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Creation of clear, concise, easy-to-follow documents
Adaptation of complex text to plain English
Adaptation of text to particular audiences
Creation of engaging text from dry technical descriptions
Untangling of noun strings and foggy writing

Plain English courses

Plain English for editors, Chartered Institute of Editing & Proofreading
Plain English business writing, Plain English Camaign

Plain English examples

Replace passive with active and remove redundant words:

BEFORE: As mentioned in a previous section, there are a number of key research publications that this overview report is based on.
AFTER: As mentioned, this overview report is based on a number of key research publications.

Rewrite for conciseness:
BEFORE: In my role as a project worker from June to December 2018 I had many important functions. One of my main duties was to take detailed minutes of the daily project meetings. This involved typing up the minutes and sending them to the team. Another task was to proofread reports from the team. I was the first reviewer, which meant I had to carefully examine each one and check anything that wasn’t clear …
  Project worker, June–December 2018
·       Taking meeting minutes, proofreading reports

Untangle noun strings:
BEFORE: third-party software integration strategy
AFTER: a strategy for integrating third-party software