Training services

Professional and business writing training

  • Instructor-led writing training for professionals
  • Suitable for anyone who writes professional reports or other material as part of their role
  • Course instructor and writing mentor is a highly experienced editor and writer
  • Detailed feedback on writing assignments or professional edit of existing piece of work
  • Units teach a detailed process for self-editing written work

Course outline

  • Unit 1: Writing fundamentals
  • Unit 2: Writing with style
  • Unit 3: Writing professional material
  • Course format

  • Three self-study units (approximately 1.5 hours required per unit).
  • Three assignments with detailed individualised feedback. In lieu of the assignments, participants can submit a piece of their own writing and receive a professional edit of their work. Participants can request guidance on their writing style, weaknesses and strengths.
  • What participants have said

  • "a really good balance between theory and practice"
  • "the individualised feedback is extremely useful"
  • "pitched just right"
  • "the material is clear and I use it in my everyday work"

    Individual mentoring
    Highly experienced tutor
    Professional edit of own work as part of feedback

    Benefits for staff

    • Write more confidently and with greater clarity.
    • Learn a repeatable process for planning, drafting and editing documents.
    • Refresh your knowledge of grammar and style rules and gain beneficial new writing habits.
    • Get individualised feedback on written work identifying particular areas of concern and writing strengths.
    • Become more familiar with the format of professional documents, including reports, memos, press releases, etc.

    Benefits for organisations

    • Good communication is a key skill for all professionals and better documents mean better communication.
    • Good writing skills mean fewer misunderstandings and less time spent on drafting, proofing and rewriting.
    • The repeatable process promotes a positive approach to writing assignments.
    • The process encourages the development of ideas and structure as the first stage, resulting in logical, persuasive text.